Hotel reconstruction

The hotel building complex has been a “national cultural monument” (the highest grade of state protection for local monuments) since 2002.The houses had been originated (shaped) in different centuries by additional buildings, house alteration or demolition. The whole complex was not maintained from 1983 till the reconstruction in 2008.

The reconstruction lasted from November 2008 to June 2010 and was co-financed by European Union. Project partners are EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel corporation.GREMIS Ltd. (building works) and Waldviertel Sparkasse von 1842 (financing). The reconstruction lasted according to the plan although the reconstruction works had to be suspended for several weeks because of chilly winter. There was also more exacting work than expected.

The hotel was opened for the public on 1st July 2010 (18 months after reconstruction had begun). We thank all construction workers for a good job.