Restaurants and cafes around the hotel

Hotel Joseph 1699 doesn’t have own restaurant. But there are a lot of cosy restaurants and cafes in narrow alleys of the Jewish town. You can ask for menus and location at the reception desk. Where going for a lunch or a dinner to – we can recommend you a good restaurant according to our experiences. You can ask for a map with restaurants locations at the reception desk or you can download the map in this web-page bellow.

Restaurants and cafes in narrow alleyways of the Jewish town close to the hotel Joseph1699.

Café Art

30m distance from the hotel – more at:

Lucky’s Irish pub

50 m distance from the hotel – more at:

Lucky´s Vege Bistro

beside to the Front Synagogue – 200m from the hotel – more at: 

Adam’s bar & bistro

excellent restaurant near the bus station – 350 m from the hotel – more at:

Restaurant Lihovar

above the castle in Třebíč, own brewery, 800 m distance from the hotel – more at:

Restaurant Vinohrádek nad Babou

in nice surroudings behind the jewish cemetery  – 900m from the hotel – more at:

Pizzeria Harlekýn

High quality pizzeria – cca 2500 m distance from the hotel, but you can order meal from menu list to bring to hotel room – more at: