Jewish ritual bath - Mikveh

In the oldest part of the historical buildings of the hotel there is one of the most important monuments of the Třebíč ghetto – a Jewish ritual bath, whose was used for ritual religious purposes between 1629 and 1699. It is carved in the rock and we will show it to the hotel guests. It was discovered during the reconstruction of the hotel buildings in 2010. One of the main walls of the hotel was founded on its bottom and the original tub-shaped mikveh was restored as part of the buildings reconstruction.

There have been some historic ritual mikvehs left in the Czech Republic and some of them are visitable. For example accidentally discovered mikveh in Boskovice or in Mikulov

There are two Mikvehs used for ritual purity in the Czech Republic – in Prague (not far away from Pinkas Synagogue) and in Brno which was set in a cellar of a house belonging to Jewish community in the street of Kapitána Jaroše. The mikveh in Brno had to be newly built because no ritual bath had been saved in Brno. You can see the modern mikveh on the picture below.