Cleanliness is our domain

We try to use all possible available technologies for the safety and well-being of our guests

We were one of the first to introduce air disinfection in rooms with ozone ionizers. Ozone cleaning is one of the most effective methods of disinfection or sterilization ever. Ozone itself is a very strong oxidizing and disinfecting agent, destroying germs far more effectively than chlorine-based products. Its effect on simple organisms such as viruses or bacteria is practically immediate. This gas is unstable and decomposes again to O2 after a few tens of minutes to units of hours, which is not a problem in this case.

The disinfection itself takes place by placing a generator in the room for a certain time (timer), which works on the principle of high-voltage discharge in air, which splits some oxygen molecules into atomic oxygen, which further combines with the oxygen molecule to form trivalent ozone O3. The device’s fan dissipates ozone around the room. After the end of the generator operation, we leave the room for a few hours, when ozone recombines again into stable ordinary oxygen O2. Subsequently, the room is properly ventilated. Disinfecting a room by this way is a certainty.

For the possibility of disinfecting various small objects or drapes, our guests can use a UV sterilizer, which will destroy all germs on the principle of ultraviolet radiation.

We wash all laundry in our own laundry room equipped with professional equipment. Therefore, our laundry cannot come into contact with laundry, for example, from medical facilities.