Christian and Jewish sights in Třebíč

The hotel is situated in the middle of the Jewish quarter which was inscribed together with St. Procopius Basilica as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. There are not so many places on the world that can so clearly demonstrate the coexistence of Christian and Jewish culture already from 14th century as in Třebíč.

There are 123 well-preserved houses in the Jewish quarter which are bordered by the rock on the one side and by the river Jihlava on the other side. The Jewish-ghetto was later established here due to this arrangement. The buildings that have survived until these days and had been a part of the ghetto are for example two synagogues, a Jewish city hall, an almshouse (present hotel Joseph1699), a hospital and two schools.

The Jewish quarter is freely accessible. Visitors can walk pass the educational footpath, where they are informed about the history of places (signs are in Czech, English and German).

The Jewish cemetery is also worth seeing. It has been a “national cultural monument”(the highest grade of state protection for local monuments )since 2002. The Jewish cemetery is freely accessible and you can arrange a tour at the hotel reception.

The Romanesque-gothic St. Procopius Basilica was built in years 1240-1260 as a part of a monastery of Třebíč established in 1101 and is one of the oldest basilicas of its kind in Central Europe.

The chateau of Třebíč is also worth visiting. You can enjoy a nice view of the town not just from the hotel Joseph1699 but also from city tower which is 75 meter high.

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